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DS AGENCY was formed in 2017 and since then became a worldwide recognized sustainability consultancy. Global supply chains deserve global perspectives, so I want to create real opportunities aside from performative marketing actions. DS AGENCY is a space that honors fashion with a brain and heart - made by humans for humans. I empower niche brands and advocate for dignity in textile supply chains. I love working with the intersection of technical knowledge and creative mindsets to support the much-needed industry shift!


DS AGENCY is located in Berlin, but operating globally. 


About Dorothee Sarah

Dorothee Sarah Spehar is one of a few sustainability consultants who understand the DNA of a product from the source to the concept store. 

Her work as a supply chain compliance expert, provided her with the technical knowledge to now create fact-based concepts and stories around brands. 

DS travels the world (in real life or via Zoom) and loves to work with artisan groups or small-scale producers to create socially sustainable opportunities. 

Dorothee studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Previous to her entrepreneurial career, Dorothee Sarah worked 10+ years with international retailers, PR agencies, and lifestyle event production. 


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