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DS AGENCY was founded in 2017 and has become a globally recognized sustainability consultancy.


DS AGENCY is a space that celebrates fashion with a brain and a heart - made by people, for people. It empowers niche brands, advocates for dignity in textile supply chains, and celebrates legislative approaches to a better fashion future. 


DS AGENCY is based in Berlin but operates globally.

About Dorothee Sarah

My work is driven by the need to build bridges between technical knowledge and creative thinking. Through years of textile auditing and compliance management, I have developed an expertise in globally recognized sustainability certifications and supply chain compliance. In 2017, DS AGENCY was founded to advocate for an ethical and responsible approach to building fashion businesses. 

Speaking about sustainability is a key aspect of my work. I teach and speak publicly at various universities, schools, fashion platforms, and events. In 2022, I designed and hosted the first-ever educational sustainability conferences in Palestine and Cuba. My thoughts on sustainability and expertise have been featured in a number of articles, books, and podcasts around the world. I strongly believe that global supply chains deserve global perspectives and conversations. I understand and work with the textile supply chain from source to concept store.


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