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Sustainability Concepts & Communication Strategies 

The concepts I create are motivated by the need for diverse voices and honest claims. My expertise is a source of reliable information and contemporary aesthetics, which I can bring to your event, shop, trade show or conversation.

Brand Building 

Conscious Communication Strageies 

Words are powerful, and so is conscious marketing. With the right facts in mind, I help you to reach your target audience and communicate your sustainability journey in relatable and honest ways. My anti-greenwashing approach to marketing is driven by facts and valuable insights to the worldwide textile and fashion business. 

With my extensive portfolio of fashion-forward brands and fashion platforms from all over the world, I can help to diversify your sustainable fashion content and add exciting impulses and expert opinions to your work. My motivation is to shake up the current fashion system and add a range of insights to the buzz-wordy sustainability trend. 

Global Events and Project Management Events need unexpected dynamics and new insights to ensure an impact. From event design to guest selection, on stage-hosting or keynotes - my expertise ensures modern ways to talk about sustainability and the future of fashion. My style of hosting events is real, not boring, and driven by the need to showcase new ways of working in fashion. 

Contemporary Sustainability

Sustainable Brand
and Fashion Experiences

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