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Fashion Education & Sustainability Culture

Sustainability can be complex to teach. My aim is to find a relatable but also thought-provoking approach to connect with students or industry professionals via the need for sustainability knowledge. My lectures are driven by real life examples and best practices around the globe.

Sustainability Culture Networking

Sustainability is a connected effort. My network of brands, experts, researchers, NGOs, and tastemakers allows me to deliver accurate research and diverse perspectives to sustainable fashion. My goal is to open ways for perspectives and business collaborations, but also to reflect on the one-dimensional way of the established fashion system and what we could learn from heritage fashion skills. 

Educational Material and Event Design

To support your sustainability visibility, I create educational seminars and shareable content. My work is culturally aware, with a global network and current trends in mind. In times of Google, we need fresh approaches to education, so my goal is to inspire and disrupt the knowledge base of future/established fashion professionals.  

Teaching at Schools and Universities

Talking about sustainability and the future of fashion is one key aspect of my work. In the past years, I have been teaching at a variety of international fashion schools to propose new influences and nuances around sustainability to students worldwide. I am pushing to add a variety of narratives to all my lectures, trusting to create space for change.  

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