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Supply Chain Transparency & Textile Certifications

From local production to artisan collaborations or innovative materials - your supply chain is the foundation of your business. I support brands to define a responsible supply chain, which reflects on both, regulations and values. 

Sustainability Evaluation and Supplier Relations 

Together, we evaluate your supplier network and your production procedures from the source to the product. We strengthen the spine of your brand, so you can stand out on the market without having to worry about gaps in your supply chain traceability or compromises in your social/environmental responsibilities. 

Supply Chain
Transparency and Certification Regulations

Through years of textile auditing, and compliance management roles, I built an expertise to match clients with globally acknowledged certifications and prepare you for the new German Supply Chain Act. I focus on Textile Exchange and GOTS as the main traceability tools. 

Sustainable Sourcing Collaborations 

Sustainability is a connected effort. Through my global network, I am connecting game-changers, sourcing experts, artisan groups and brands to explore a collaborative and dynamic fashion future. Linking creative minds can lead to powerful movements, and I am here to endorse that important shift within the fashion world. 

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