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Hello, I am Dorothee Sarah Spehar, the proud founder of the agency. Established in 2017, DS AGENCY has quickly become a globally recognized leader in sustainable fashion and textile certification consultancy. My journey as a lead sustainability certification auditor, combined with an in-depth knowledge of textile supply chains and the market systems of the fashion industry, has been the cornerstone of the agency's success.

DS AGENCY is deeply committed to promoting dignity in textile supply chains and advocating for ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Headquartered in Berlin, the agency's influence and operations span the globe.

Dorothee Sarah Spehar

In my work with textile compliance and supply chain management, creativity is key. I focus on blending this creativity with a holistic view, transforming compliance challenges into opportunities for innovative and ethical solutions. My approach, empathetic and globally aware, acknowledges the impact of our decisions on communities and cultures. This mix of creativity, comprehensive understanding, and empathy drives my commitment to making a real difference.

Central to my role is communication; I educate and speak at educational and fashion institutions globally. In 2022, I led sustainability conferences in Palestine and Cuba. My insights on sustainability have been recognized in international media. I take a holistic view of the textile supply chain, from sourcing to retail, leveraging this knowledge in my consulting work on sustainability and certification.


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