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Clandestina Cuba x Goethe Institute

In March 2022 DS AGENCY co-hosted the first 4-day sustainable fashion event ever in Havana, providing educational daily workshops for over 1500 students and creatives. 

SANE Certification

SANE certification doesn’t single out the planet, the people, or consumer safety: the SANE STANDARD protects them all.

DS AGENCY supported the compliance framework, auditing procedures and standard writing of the new fashion certification from Berlin. 


PERÚ MODA hosted a series of sustainability lectures, to which DS contributed with a presentation focused on Alpaca and artisan textiles.


EDUTEX envisions increasing the level of sustainability aspects in Ethiopian textile schools.DS AGENCY developed a series of learning materials and a digital workshop format for the project.

Mess Magazine

DS AGENCY contributes regularly from the perspective of a textile certification and fashion sustainability specialist. The short online contributions reflect on current trends and forecasts

Fashion Institute of Technology NYC

Guest lecture within the Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs course at FIT. The in-depth session highlighted aspects of textile auditing processes and supply chain certifications. 

Copenhagen Fashion Week Pop Up

DS hosted a one week Pop Up Shop with a focus on sustainable fashion from new markets with a selection of designers from Hungary, Slovenia, Israel, Iran and Peru.

GCL Certifications

We composed educational and effective training materials about textile certification standards for the global certification body. The materials are used to inform new clients and create in-person workshops.   

Man/ Woman New York 

In 2019 DS AGENCY represented selected sustainable brands from all over the world at the New York format of the globally successful micro-trade show. Man/Woman focuses on independent deisgners and contemporray styles. 

Supply Chain Storytelling 

For TOMORROW IN A YEAR we helped to validate production methods of the 'Made in USA' brand. Based on the trust the brand created with their suppliers, we refined their transparency message and branding. 

Publication on Artisan Collaboration

Contemporary bands and fashion aesthetics can help to sustain the skills and livelihoods of artisans. Check out the published piece via Springer ISBN [978-981-16-5967-6]

AMD Germany 

DS continuously offers seminars for the German wide Fashion School. Our workshop focus on sustainability literacy, business tools, and future outlooks for the fashion industry.

Fashion Council Germany

DS AGENCY curated a combination of webinars focused on crisis navigation and conscious business concepts post-Corona. 

Queen of Raw NYC

DS AGENCY created an appealing overview of the most common textile standards for the highly praised start-up Queen of Raw.

Revolver Trade Show Copenhagen 

In 2020 DS AGENCY was the first to curate a selection of exclusively sustainable brands for the trade show. We represented 5 different brands from 5 countries. To create traffic we also hosted sustainability talks featuring Voo Store, Wood Wood and Pool Berlin.

Control Union Europe & North America 

DS worked with as an independent textile auditor and compliance trainer for the biggest certification body worldwide. After almost 4 years we completed ~200 audits for GOTS/GRS/RCS/OCS/GOLS/RAF.

Premium / Seek Berlin

DS AGENCY curated and hosted a series of panel talks for the trade show's first sustainability experiences in 2020. Amongst the guests were Veja Shoes, Norden Project, Sandqvist, Schön! Magazin, Ecoalf, Gant, Lee and Blackbird Berlin.