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Selected Projects

'How Translating Between Heritage and Contemporary Fashion Can Create a Sustainable Fashion Movement'

You can order the full book (Print ISBN 978-981-16-5966-9) or purchase my contribution to the publication online. The chapter looks at the different approaches brands and designers can take when working with artisan communities, based on interviews and research in India and Colombia.

'Warum Fast Fashion ein Problem ist'

Ever wondered who pays for our fashion excesses? From cheap labor to environmental harm, fast fashion's impact is vast, especially in the Global South. Join me in a candid podcast with the Hoemies collective and All Amin from 'HARAM' as we dive into these urgent issues. Tune in and be part of the conversation!

My role as Supply Chain Sustainability Manager in a corporate setting for BestSecret enriches my expertise and seniority. It sharpens my skills in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and strategic decision-making in dynamic environments.

Since December 2022, I have proudly served on the Board of Advisory for SANE STANDARD, a holistic fashion certification from Berlin. In this role, I have helped edit their standards and define their auditing process, ensuring the safeguarding of the planet, people, and consumer safety.

As a senior auditor and compliance trainer, I collaborated with the world's largest certification body, completing around 200 audits for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and all Textile Exchange standards over nearly four years, highlighting my expertise and dedication.

In collaboration with Goethe Institut Ramallah, I pioneered Palestine's first sustainable fashion event through DS AGENCY. This three-day symposium, which I designed, hosted, and produced, featured engaging talks, workshops, lectures, and a brand accelerator, marking a groundbreaking moment in sustainable fashion.

In March 2022, I co-hosted Havana's first-ever four-day sustainable fashion event with DS AGENCY. I curated an educational program and brought in a diverse array of international guests, offering enlightening workshops to over 1500 students and creatives. This event enriched Havana's global perspective on sustainable fashion.

I am greatly involved in ongoing collaborations with The Acedemy for Fashion and Design in Germany, leading workshops and teaching sessions. My expertise spans Sustainability Literacy, Sustainability Marketing, and Business Ethics, addressing the dynamic shifts in today's markets.

Together with EDUTEX and our partner university in Ethiopia, I elevated Ethiopian textile education's sustainability focus. I crafted a series of reusable learning resources and innovative digital workshops, infusing vitality and expertise into this transformative project.

As a guest lecturer in the Fashion Institute of Technology's Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs course, I delved into textile auditing and supply chain certifications. I also spoke on Sustainable Business Building and The New Fashion System, sharing my deep industry insights.

I led DS AGENCY's initiative to host engaging webinars on crisis management and conscious business approaches in the post-Corona era, infusing my expertise to empower and inspire resilience in challenging times.

In Copenhagen, I managed a pop-up event showcasing the beauty and diversity of conscious fashion. I curated 15 global brands, organized talks on sustainability trends and B CORP, and added unique elements like a zero-waste cocktail event and an Indian artisan fabric installation. I handled project management, crafted the designer selection, designed the PR strategy, and produced an unforgettable retail experience.

In 2020, I led DS AGENCY to be the first to curate an exclusive selection of sustainable brands from five countries for a trade show. We boosted engagement by hosting sustainability talks with notable participants such as Voo Store and Wood Wood.

In 2020, I led DS AGENCY in curating and hosting the trade show's inaugural sustainability panels, featuring esteemed guests like Veja Shoes, Norden Project, Ecoalf, and Merz B. Schwanen, showcasing our commitment to eco-conscious fashion.

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