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DS Agency is a visionary consultancy that specializes in bridging the gap between legislative insight and effective sustainability communications.


You can book me for long-term collaborations, one-off projects, public speaking, educational events, or consulting calls.

DS AGENCY offers select services designed to help companies navigate the complex intersection of regulation, marketing, and supply chain transparency. My expertise lies in translating complicated regulatory frameworks into compelling strategies that are not only compliant, but also resonate with the modern consumer. By aligning brand messaging with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements, DS AGENCY helps ensure that your sustainability efforts are both legally sound and ethically compelling.


I'm at the forefront of curating and hosting dynamic sustainability workshops, lectures, and conferences that delve into the complexities of global supply chains. My approach pairs in-depth industry knowledge with contemporary discourse, fostering a modern narrative on sustainability. Through these events, I aim to equip participants with the insights and tools needed to navigate and influence the sustainable transformation of supply chains.

Examples of my services:

  • Anti-greenwashing sustainability communication. 

  • Textile certification consulting. 

  • Textile certification evaluation and writing. 

  • Sustainable supply chain building.

  • German Supply Chain Act, Green Claims Directive, and CSRD expertise.   

  • Curated events, panels, and talks.

  • Workshops and seminars for students, industry professionals, and end-consumers.

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