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At DS AGENCY, I simplify navigating regulations, marketing, and supply chains into clear strategies that resonate with your audience. I'm passionate about hosting dynamic events and lectures that empower your brand to seamlessly blend sustainability and compliance into your narrative. My approach goes beyond compliance; it's about creating compelling, ethical stories that reflect your values and truly connect with your customers. Let’s make your message impactful and meaningful.


  • Project management and event curation.

  • Public speaking at industry and end-consumer events.

  • Creating and designing educational materials and teaching.


educational event
  • Textile Certification Advisory (Textile Exchange and GOTS).

  • Certification Framework Writing. 

  • Sustainability Reporting (German Supply Chain Act, CSRD, Green Claims Directive).

Supply Chain

sustainability communications
  • Anti- Greenwashing communication strategies.

  • Legally sound product claims (Green Claims Directive).

  • Engaging and honest sustainability marketing.


textile supply chain
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